Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hello, neighbor

With the house now in order we venture out to see the progress in the neighborhood. The Paseo is torn up in preparation for a new and improved major boulevard. Landscaping and hardscaping in the clusters closest to the Inn are impressive. The road to the back entrance looks best. Rock paver sidewalks meander alongside palms directing your eye to the beautiful mountainside. The hurricane season left the terrain lush and greener than we have ever seen.

Robert's bike had a flat so we went on search for a tire pump, not a hard item to find since everyone here seems to own a bicycle. Our friend, John Ford was glad to oblige not only with the pump but with a double-shot iced coffee. He has a commercial grade coffee maker as well as a roaster and treats everyone to what has to be Loreto Bay's freshest, most delicious coffee. Did I mention he and his family hail from Seattle? Another interesting fact: Because this is Baja climate and not the rainy northwest, John and his kids prefer to sleep under a tent on the terrace every night--just because they can.

While visiting John, our other good friend, Doug Brown showed up on his bike and we had an impromptu alley chat. All of us have young children very close in age. Like us, the Brown's and Ford's are living here for an indefinite period of time. We all have businesses or professions that allow us to work and play outside of the U.S. Having just one or two other families like ourselves makes such a difference in our happiness here in LB. I imagine our experiences are similar to a small community in the 1950's U.S., where neighbors had to rely on each other. We came to town honoring a few requests for provisions like garden hoses and baking goods. In return, we are showered with neighborly gestures of invites for dinner and recreation. The kids ride their bikes all through the neighborhood exploring and we know they are safe. I like that so much.

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