Saturday, December 20, 2008


I've been working to get our house in a holiday spirit. I would have loved some evergreen, but that is impossible to find here. So, I improvised. I snipped a few branches from a soft bark tree by the arroyo and Robert helped me bend and tie into a wreath form. Then I added large seed pods (Catalpa, I think) and some sprigs from the enormous ficus tree out front our house.

Robert, with the help of Roch, who was visiting, hoisted the wooden bench over the terrace wall and I pulled some pots down. Finally, some color to our otherwise plain white wall.

Now, what to do about the view from the door to the alley?


Anonymous said...

Aunt kelli,
The wreath you made is really pretty I thought it was store bought . however, you are gifted with the arts. was the wreath hard to make and how long did it take? Allison has grown so much,and she becomes more beautiful by the minute. I miss you guys take care. have a merry Christmas.

warmest regards,


p.s. I am going to visit aunt julie. Do you want me to say hi to her for you?

Dave Foken said...

We were wondering what a "Baja Christmas" would look like. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the great information on progress in the neighborhood.

Seeing your bikes makes me wonder if you have seen or heard of any provisions for bike racks so people can park them outside. We do not have the extra garden in our Bohemia, so bringing them in everyday will be troublesome.

kelli said...


We too, have no large interior courtyard to park bikes included one in every home; those of us who don't have one must park bikes, scooters, etc., outside. We have a bike peg which we intend to install in the concrete on the back side of our house when they finally finish tearing up the pathways.

Sometimes we lock up our bikes, but many nights we forget. We've never had any trouble.

kelli said...


Happy birthday sweetheart! Give aunt Julie lots of hugs from me; same with all those beautiful boys of hers.