Friday, July 27, 2007

Sweaty princess feet

Countdown to our Big Airstream Adventure. I've only begun to collect the things we need from home. I figure we can pick up what we need as we need it.

However, I did let Allie pick out this G.I. girly slumber bag. She insisted on trying it out tonight. Later her review of it included the dreary fact that it made her feet sweat.

Which means I might as well throw the thing out. She is like the Princess and the Pea. If there is any remote hint of discomfort she is quick to dismiss. Well, she didn't fall far from the royal tree--I, too, like my bedding comforts. I purchased sheets and a thermapedic mattress pad for the Airstream bed. I think the sheets were 650 count so now Robert can say he's closing in on his friend, Steve, who's got the 1000-plus.

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