Thursday, July 12, 2007

Letter to Daniel

When we visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. we got there late so didn't get to see enough which was probably best considering Allison's young age. However, she did experience the "Remember the Children: Daniel's Story exhibit.

We moved from room to room in a recreation of a young Jewish boy's environment as it transformed from a safe, happy, home to the despair of the ghetto to the hell of the concentration camp. The exhibit follows pages from Daniel's dairy as he experiences the confusion and ultimate sorrow of his people's plight. As Allison read each page and began to comprehend the story we followed in silence knowing the tragic end.

At the completion of the exhibit was a station where children could write their thoughts, wishes, blessings, to Daniel. I can't remember a more effective learning exhibit for children, nor a more moving one.

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