Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One fourth to remember

It's hard to find a place to start. We just returned from 10 days on the east coast visiting Robert's sister and family. Every day was eventful. We toured old town Philadelphia showing Allison and our young friend, Taylor, the historic sites like Independence Hall, the Betsy Ross house, the Liberty Bell. The same for Washington D.C. Two days of walking the Mall and seeing as many things as possible left us exhausted but thrilled.

We celebrated Independence Day watching a firework display from aboard Sherry and Mike's new yacht in the Chesapeake Bay. But more fun for Allison was when Robert pulled the girls on an inner tube from the dingy. We took the boat down to Baltimore Harbor where we hooked up with other yacht-owner friends of Sherry and Mike's and lounged in style a short time. Of course, with the girls we couldn't just sit around drinking daiquiris all day; we had to do kid stuff. The excellent Maryland Science Center ate up a whole afternoon. We were lost in time among the dinosaurs and exhibits and interactive science stations. Science centers will definitely be on the agenda for our Airstream road school. What a great resource, and they're all over the country.

We saw and did so much that we haven't had time to process it all. What stands out the most? Was it the Lincoln Memorial? The Constitution under glass? The carriage ride through old Philadelphia? The masterpieces in the National Gallery? Every bit of it was rich. Mostly, I enjoyed the feeling of pride in showing the girls our national treasures. Every parent should be so lucky to show their children those things. Every kid should be so lucky to see them.

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