Thursday, July 12, 2007

On the other hand...

Yuck. I'm looking over my recent posts and gagging. Yachts and horses and vacations and travel trailers. Please friends, excuse my focus, but we're on a bit of a splurge, apparently. Here--I'll temper my narratives with a few less rosy factoids from the homefront:

Ryan's tuition account is overdrawn.

The first thing I did upon returning home today was mop, clean and wash laundry. I fished three beer caps out of the garbage disposal and threw away a pack of Penthouse playing cards I found on the coffee table.

I discovered that my son and his girlfriend slept in our bed while we were away.

Robert tossed our luggage against the garage door in anger because I insulted the great state of Missouri one too many times.

I'm driving an old car from our finance lot since Beau wrecked my Honda Pilot while we were in Mexico. (His first wreck....but my car)

The new patio we are adding in back is now in its seventh month of incompletion much to the consternation of our neighbors, I'm sure.

I have an appointment tomorrow to color the gray in my hair.

I ate a fish sandwich and a fried cherry pie from McDonalds for dinner tonight

There's more, but there's a limit to what one is willing to share.

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