Wednesday, February 08, 2006

To the tip of the peninsula and beyond

Allison and I hit the road over the weekend. We drove nearly 7 hours down the Baja ending up in Cabo San Lucas. The highlight of the drive was just past Todos Santos where the Pacific Ocean comes into view. The highway runs parallel to it for miles. On one particular craggy bluff we noticed parked cars and people gathered. Curious, we stopped and discovered everyone was watching whales. We too climbed the hill and right away spotted whale after whale by the their blows, or rather by the water that is sprayed when they come up to exhale. We caught a few glimpses of their backs or flukes (tails), but not enough to be satisified. What we have to do is get on a boat or a kayak and get closer to them which is what everybody does. They come back with stories of how they petted the whales. We will do that soon.

Cabo San Lucas was a welcome diversion to sleepy Loreto. We had a great time strolling and shopping. We wanted to see a movie but "King Kong" was in spanish so we passed. We did spend most of one afternoon at Costco and true to everyone's word it was exactly like those at home. Practically everyone shopping there was American so it felt even more like home. I admit to feeling pretty joyful about it. We even had a slice of pizza from the concession stand sitting at picnic tables in the sunshine.

I'd be happy to return to Cabo with Robert just so he could see the boats in the marina. And the golf courses. The good time Allison and I had outweighed the discomforts of the long ride. Driving the Transpeninsular Highway requires an alert mind. Besides the narrow two-lane there is constant truck traffic to contend with. It's not for sissies. Plus, traveling with a 6 year old and a dog....

It was funny to hear Allison ask when we'd be home. "our Loreto home" she would clarify. She's getting the hang of it. This morning, after the usual protest about having to go to school, I dropped her off and tried to get back into some kind of routine again. I took Betsy on a walk and Jagger, our neighbor's superficially vicious German Shepard, actually trotted up to greet us. That's the same dog that nearly bit our heads off the first time we crossed paths. I guess we've passed a benchmark.

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