Saturday, February 18, 2006

Robert's back

Robert is back for another shot at Baja living. Tests show no further blockage in his heart, though he'll need to return in about six weeks for another checkup. In the meantime, I have been distracted from writing.

The most interesting thing we've done is go whale-watching on the Pacific coast. We paid to have a "captain" take us out in a panga boat in a portion of the Magdelena Bay where hundreds of mother whales are preparing their growing calves for the trip back up north. The mothers and babies swim side by side sometimes coming right up to the boat. It's very exhilarating to see them up close. I imagine we'll go on many other whale sighting trips.

We were visited by our new aquaintances from Oregon again. They are making their way back up the Baja and stayed a couple of nights with us. It was nice to hear Gary's guitar again. Last night I drifted to sleep to the Greatful Dead in the next room.

This weekend Loreto Bay held a sales event. I'm told 18 million dollars in homes were sold, (that's 30-something houses) so that is evidence that the development is still gathering momentum. Our house is probably more than half-way finished. This week we saw the windows installed. Next comes the tile flooring, cabinetry. It is supposed to be completed before May. We plan to stay for the closing then start heading back home.

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