Saturday, February 11, 2006

Shoe shopping

Woke up with absolutely nothing to do. Today being Saturday the day was wide open. But Allison and I could agree on nothing to do. Collect shells on the beach? No. Ride the scooter? We settled on some arts and crafts making paper mice. When I bored of that I pushed to go to town. She can paint ceramics, something she's asked to do for weeks. So we found the ceramic lady's shop and I sat disengaged while Allie went to work painting a reindeer. I spied some shoe catalogs on the table and started thumbing through them when the ceramic lady intimated that she could order whatever I fancied. What the heck, they looked attractive enough so I ordered a pair of slides. No money now, just pay when they come in un semana. And the reindeer needing to be glazed? Oh, just pick it up later, yes Monday's fine, pay then, she informed as she was shutting down for the siesta hours.

So now I know where to get shoes. It occured to me that with enough time I will eventually uncover the auxiliary nature of every shop in town and one day I will no longer be helpless. I will break the code and know as the natives that in Loreto, dissimilar things are found together. I'll know to go to the butcher if I need butter, or the used book store for fresh-popped popcorn, the ceramic lady's shop for shoes.

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