Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wait and see

Three more stents for Robert. Six of the seven previous ones were not medicated. If they were it would have helped a lot with his recovery. I spoke to him on the phone immediately after the procedure and he sounded positive and alert. Recovery this time will be quicker. Still, we haven't decided what to do about Mexico. Of course Loreto is not the best place to be if you have medical problems.

Meanwhile Allison and I carried on. This morning our hot water ran out. I stopped at the CaliGas facility and spoke in horrible Spanish to the manager there asking for someone to please bring me propane. Normally, Robert disconnects the tanks and takes them to be filled. They weigh too much for me to handle. Amazingly, the delivery men showed up thirty minutes before the scheduled time. My electricity had also disappeared and when I mentioned it, "Diego" went out to the street and flipped the breaker box. Gas and electricity! Someone was watching out for me. This town is so small it would be easy to enlist help if you needed it. Every day I meet more people from vendors, to shopkeepers, to neighbors. Everyone is so kind even when I am butchering their language.

I had two vistors, one being Martha, the woman who will help me purchase furniture in Morelia for our house. When she entered our courtyard calling my name she found me asleep by the pool. I'd been waiting around the house to get a phone call about Robert. The house was so chilly I went out and laid on pool deck in my warm-ups and fleece jacket and gloves and feel asleep in the sun. What a ridiculous sight I must have been. It sounds unbelievable, but it is really chilly here this week.

I let Allison ride home on the back of A.'s bike to her house where I picked them up and brought them to our house to make brownies. Then on to Hawaiian dance class. Having these two sisters at Allison's school has made all the difference in her attitude. I can see her idolizing them and trying to charm them. She is on her way to being her own little person. Thinking of leaving makes me sad just for what Allison would lose, and me for the pleasure of watching her: Watching her gather with friends after school, hula with little girls over the fabric shop, race around the park on the back of someone's bike. Yesterday I let her walk from the park to the Veterinarian/pet store with the girls. She took her tooth fairy money ( oh this week she lost her third tooth) to buy Betsy a toy. The idea of walking anywhere without an adult was unknown to her. Of course, I was parked nearby using the public phone, looking out. She came back with a doggie sweater too small, but she was so giddy about her step into freedom. It's amazing to behold the awakenening. And the thing is what a great stage for it. A small town.

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