Monday, January 02, 2006

Around every corner

I think Darryl, the dog, may be dead. Our friends told us he was hit by a car and his outlook didn't look promising. Since that was two days ago and I haven't seen Darryl, I wonder. Meanwhile, we see Larry and Curly frequently. They've become very friendly with us following us home daily. In fact, everyone here has been so friendly and helpful. Today Robert borrowed a huge boat with help from our neighbors, directors in the Loreto Bay Company, who've already had us to dinner, lent me a book, found us the home we are renting, offered us dogs, and now were escorting us by car to the garage in Loreto where the boat was housed. From there the owner of the boat helped us pull it out and when it wouldn't start he radioed an employee for help. I was sitting in our vehicle when this person pulled up and had his door opened before his car was at a full stop. That image stuck in my mind all day because it exemplifies the attitude of the people who work for the Loreto Bay Company: helpful.

Before heading to the boat launch we stopped at McCaws for lunch and ran into another LB employee who serves as the I.T. person. Twice she's been to our house to help with our internet and cable connections. Robert mentioned to her we have a problem with our wireless connection and she answered she'd be over tomorrow to fix it. When we went to launch the boat a man standing nearby warned us that the tide was too low. So we put it off until tomorrow. On the way home a oncoming car flashed its lights and immediately we were apon a goat leisurely crossing the highway. For the rest of the way home I reflected on the day full of help. Really, the whole day was about people, some strangers, helping us. This is something I will remember to accentuate when I describe Baja Mexico to others.

I feel the need to give something back. We've been invited everywhere and been treated with extreme generousity. Robert wants to have a big fish fry. I fret that we can't put on a nice spread since we are lacking in everything from chairs to dishes, and if we don't get that boat in the water--fishes! We'll manage...because it's Mexico and how to manage is the first thing you learn.

Tonight, Robert is out with friends listening to quitarists at the Camino. The boys are with friends on the beach where they've planned a bonfire. I'm at home with Allison and our puppy who sprained her foot today and had to be taken to the vet.

This afternoon I took a long walk through the construction site and dreamed about our house being finished. Amidst the new construction are support buildings like trailers that house the construction offices, and little make-shift structures like the one in this photo which serves meals to the workers.(You can double-click on the image to enlarge) I'm taken with the attempt to add holiday cheer to an otherwise colorless site. And again I feel a sense of gratitude to the spirit of goodwill that I'm finding around every corner.

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