Monday, January 23, 2006

The guy can't get a break

Well, Robert's news from home is not good. His cardiologist has scheduled him for a catherization with the intent to replace or alter the stents already in his right coronary artery. I guess the rest and relaxation approach was not enough. We came here to remove him from the stress and spend time recovering in a nice climate having fun. If we accomplished anything it was breaking him of smoking. We are certain if he remained at home after the heart attack he would have been right back to work, right back to smoking two packs a day. We looked at our purpose in Mexico as rehabilitation. I always think of Robert as indestructable so maybe I haven't taken this health issue seriously enough. Plus he just turned 49, too young to think of as sick.

So, now what to do? More serious minded people would have had a plan B. We have to think ours through. I should pick up and return home, leaving everything as it stands. Robert is insisting I sit tight until his procedure (tomorrow a.m.) and then we'll decide. Truth is, I couldn't get there tomorrow if I wanted. Flights out of here are limited to a few days a week. It looks to me that our time here is over for now. Again, he says no. He plans to sail through this procedure and come back. The last thing he wants is to spend the worst of winter in the midwest. Well we shall see. The price to pay for living in a beautiful place that happens to have no decent medical care may end of being too great.

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