Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Loreto Bay village arises from the dust

The wind has picked up in Loreto this week dusting everything with gritty Baja dirt. It's especially bad in town where many streets are unpaved. The wind whips up dust in torrents and makes you wish for a bandana to tie over your face like the vaqueros of past. It's also a bit chilly out of the sun so a sweater is necessary. In Nopolo, where we live, the dust is not nearly such a problem; we are close to the ocean and a lot of scrub brush and desert vegetation plus exclusively paved roads. Still, there is a coating a dust on the surface of everything.

It's been a good day. I spent a lot of time at the construction site chatting with people in charge of our house and walking through the more completed section of the village looking at houses. Today the concrete floor was poured on our viewing tower. Yesterday they practically finished its roof. We are going to have the most spectacular view of the ocean to one side, the mountain range to the other. I don't know which one is better. We are so happy to be here watching the development arise from bare ground to a beautiful village. If you want to look at photos go to the Flickr website and type in Loreto Bay.

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