Sunday, October 16, 2005

Robert's heart

Everything came to a standstill this week when Robert had a heart attack Tuesday night.
His right coronary artery collapsed which was corrected with the insertion of 7 stents. Apparently, they are the biggest stents made, at 4.5 mil. He has extra large arteries it seems. The stents are from 3 different manufacturers which we thought odd, but suspect the surgeon had to search the drawers for all the big ones.

This attack came as no big surprise to us. Robert has been on a collision path with a health disaster: Smoking heavily, drinking too much, eating badly, too much stress at work.
He is lucky to be alive.

To everyone's amazement he appears to have suffered no significant heart damage and should recover fully. Soooo, we are all getting cozy at home while he heals. He will be the center of attention for awhile. This could end up being a nice opportunity for he and Allison to spend time together. I see a lot of changes ahead.

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