Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the power of the question

It's rare that decisions as important as deciding not to send your kid to school are made with such instant clarity. It's not like I hadn't been entertaining the idea of homeschooling all along. But when the moment came to make the commitment, the answer crystallized seemingly instantly. And the things I told myself ( and later my husband) sounded like this:

Why should she go to school when we are perfectly happy with the learning going on now. Isn't she reading and counting and exploring everyday?

Why would we want to hand her over to others to teach her?

If she's happy to hang out with us why not extend that for as long as possible? How can that be a bad thing?

All revolutions begin with a question. Did I just say that? But that's kind of what it feels like: a revolt against the norm. I feel the unease of rejecting the norm. I'm not trying to be a revolutionary. A long process of questioning brought me here. A long, slow process as I am not gifted with great intelligence and many old ideas come as new revelations to me. And as for my daughter's process....well, it's evident she's a bit quicker than I.

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