Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Gee, Robert's having a heart attack has been an excuse for all of us to have fun. Who would have thought? We are behaving like kids on a snow day, except we stay inside: Stay up late, sleep in late, play games read, talk, entertain a few visitors. I pulled out our big dry-erase board and taught Allison to play hangman. That was such a hit that she pesters us non-stop to play now. Good game for spelling, though. After hangman she found she could keep her dad's attention by using the board for math. He taught her to add numbers that have lots of zeroes behind them (his favorite) So I heard the word million a lot yesterday. Michelle and Rich brought a complete dinner over for us tonight. That was fun to sit and visit with them. I love it when there are friends in my living room!

With all the loafing we are still getting some reading and worksheets in. Allison wants to make sock puppets, (thank you very much Disney Channel) something I'm not too interested in doing mostly because it requires pulling out a lot of craft material and messing up. I have been knitting and she wants to learn. I tried, but it is frustrating for her little fingers. I may try to teach her to crochet instead if she still shows interest.

The last few nights the three of us have taken short walks up the fairway; just enough to give Robert a little exercise. The moon is full and it's perfect how it softly illuminates the surface of everything. I am struck with the idea for the perfect birthday gift to him--a telescope! We could put a blanket down in the middle of the fairway and set up the scope for viewing. We could look at that moon. It could be a new hobby.

Allison made up a game where she described herself as a horse and then asked her daddy to do the same. Of course, she is a beautiful cream-colored horse owned by royalty and so well cared for. Her owner braids her tail and puts jewels in her mane. She gallops up the fairway. "Okay, what kind of horse are you, Daddy?" Well, first of all, he's plain brown and he's missing a chunk of his right ear from a fight with a coyote. There's a scar beside his eye from an encounter with a grizzly bear. He limps, the result of a gunshot wound in a skirmish with cattle rustlers. His tail is broken. Allison is not too amused. She wants a daddy horse that matches her princess stature. He doesn't relent. "Yeah, and guess what my name is?," he says.
(I saw this coming.) "Lucky," he says.

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