Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Airstreaming in Yosemite

Yosemite National Park. If we stayed one week it wouldn't be enough for me. I'm already anxious that I won't get the time or weather to explore all the sites and activities available. We are incredibly lucky that the weather is sunny and warm for our visit--the forecast being at least three days of sunshine and temps in the 70's. I awoke early today (an amazing feat for me) and brewed coffee the primitive way--on the stove since it was too early to crank up the generator. I showered and was pushing Robert out the door to take a long stroll through the village leaving Allison with the Luhr's.

We are in the Upper Pines campground alongside Rich and Eleanor. They arrived about an hour after we did yesterday. The girls are thrilled to be reunited. First thing we did was purchase the Junior Ranger program book and make plans for the ranger-led excursion through Cooks Meadow this afternoon. Ranger Eric was our guide (another lucky stroke.) He's a guy who really likes his job. He seemed as excited as the rest of us to spot a red-tailed hawk swoop through the meadow as well as the acorn woodpecker and five-point buck under the trees in the village.

I think I've been on my feet for 10 hours straight. Everyone is back at the campground but Rich and I who have found a spot in the Ahwahnee Lodge to get online and do our important work of informing everyone about how much fun we are having. Of course, the lodge is fabulously and rustically beautiful, but we've got our heads in our laptops. Tomorrow, Robert and I plan to have dinner here in the grand dining hall. That should top off another exhausting day of walking, gawking and ahhing at the beautiful sites. Also, since I've proven I can rise early, I plan to join in the Ansel Adams photography walk in the morning. I could sure use the photography tips since I'm not doing so well on my own. Maybe I'll have something wonderful to show for it tomorrow.

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