Monday, November 05, 2007

My people

This is my 74-year-old Uncle Don, skydiving. His grandsons, Michael and Daniel gave him the gift of this major adrenaline rush for his birthday. He is way too cool. We spent the day at Don and Marilyn's home in Modesto getting a quick glimpse into their lives. I added another mark on my tally of "Isn't my family great?" Robert has to agree and, yes, Don and Marilyn have an Airstream too.

Along this trip we have made stops to visit members of the Hancock line (my mother's side)--a hearty bunch indeed and people to be proud of. We first visited Don and Marilyn's daughter, Christy and her boys in Seattle where Allie fell in love with Michael, the one who played with her in the park. Then, yesterday we stopped over in Folsom to say hello to Don's sister Rose and her daughter. Rose is 86 and going strong. I always tell Allison, "I want to be just like Aunt Rose when I get old." Now Allie sees why. Even she was smitten with her. Maybe it's her little girl giggle, or her china blue eyes, but everything about Rose is adorable.

I am so proud to show off my family to Robert and Allison. Especially to Allison for it gives her an idea of what she's made of. I only wish we all lived closer to be able to share our lives. There's so many of them out west--we've not seen even half of them yet. I'll keep my crew busy visiting them all--all the way into Arizona.

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