Thursday, November 08, 2007


I nixed the Ansel Adams photography walk in order to spend the day on a series of hikes with Rich and Eleanor. We all left the campsite around 10:00 am to drive to several points in Yosemite Park starting with Sentinel Dome. From there--Glacier Point, then Mariposa Grove. We didn't return to camp till after 6:00 pm. A long day, and a lot of driving, but worth the effort.

The views from Glacier Point were panoramic and dizzying. It overlooks the Yosemite valley some 3200 feet below. We could make out the little silver slivers that were our Airstreams deep in the pines below. Conditions for viewing weren't perfect even though it was a sunny day: There were some controlled forest fires that clouded the valley in a yellow smoke that made our photos kind of hazy.

The sequoias at Mariposa Grove were impressive though overall I wasn't as moved by them as the coastal redwoods. I like the wet, lush understory of the redwood groves. The perpetual foggy mist adds a mystery and ethereal quality I like. However, the sequoias are grand just for their immense size. The base of their trunks make me think of giant, gnarled elephant hooves.

Of course, I wanted to snatch up as many cones from the sugar pines as I could, but it is a no-no and it's hard to escape notice when you're lugging a 12-inch cone in your vest. I admit to getting away with one. Dammit, I want at least one. I hate kitchy gift shop souvenirs. I prefer my knick-knacks to be organic and found. Since there's no room for my stolen cone in the Airstream, I was thinking I'd mail it home. But, goodness, for all I know, that might be a felony or something.

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We've done lots of criminal defense! However, you should have waited until you're in our jurisdiction to engage in criminal activity! Try to keep the criminal activity to the Virginia/Tennessee area, o.k.?