Saturday, June 02, 2007

Airstream Dreaming


We've been shopping for an Airstream trailer. Of course, they are very pricey so we keep looking for a deal. We found a used 1990 Excella nearby for about $9,000. It was nice enough, but certainly well-worn. The vinyl wallboard and plastic throughout was very yellowed. I thought it would do, but we sure wouldn't have that "wow" factor that makes owning a camper fun. The newer CCD Airstreams are so sleek; they make all other travel trailers look dumpy. We'd love to have the new front bedroom Signature series designed by Christopher Deam of San Francisco. Way too cool.

Having never camped it's probably unwise to jump into such an expensive purchase, but we really have our minds set on traveling America this year and imagine the best way to do that is with a travel trailer. We'd like to spend months on the road and the idea of bringing our "home" with us makes the most sense.

OR THIS?.....

I was surprised by Robert's disinterest in making the deal. I thought he'd jump on it. Here was a decent Airstream at a good price and so close to our home. I nudged him that I approved. But somewhere in the owner's enthusiastic sales pitch she lost him. Maybe it was her talk about preventing "coning" in the black water tank and how the texture of one's poop can make the difference. In the end it was our seven-year-old who nixed the deal when she whispered to us that the inside of the trailer reminded her of earwax. We all had to agree.

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Gadget said...

The interior of that CCD sure is looking nice. Earwax for the other, eh? Hmmm.

Gee, I think the owner was really overthinking the black tank for that kind of talk. In over a year of full timing, never had any tank issues, other than filling my gas tank, and that is an issue!

Remember, it's not so much camping as it is "Airstreaming". :)