Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blog in vain

I'm removing the photo of myself in the banner of my blog. I thought it was a nice picture symbolizing all that's wonderful about travel and leisure, but my husband says it's conceited. It's enough that I impart to the world my commentary on any matter that catches my fancy, why aggravate others with a flattering photo of myself doing it. And a rather large photo at that. Big, because I didn't know how to reduce it for the Blogger template.

Sorry, I guess. I did think it was a good photo and rare since nobody ever takes my picture--I'm always the one toting the camera. Robert seems to think that people don't want to see me looking good, having too much fun. Maybe they don't want to hear my stories about me having fun either. I'm not writing for everybody, I say. I started writing to record our lives as if we--me--mattered. Someday I believe my kids will enjoy reading what mom wrote about our short time on this earth. I guess, too, that I'd like to help them remember the good times and to see that besides minding them and keeping house, their mom could think a little. So, I'll be continuing to write the world as I see it which is always directed toward a happy ending since I have a fairy tale bent.

However, for a long while I've contemplated writing an alternative blog to this one. One that rants and rails and exposes my dark underbelly. On that blog I will tattle on everybody and dish out dirt and drop f-bombs like crazy. I'll expose my ignorance and intolerance and bourgeois leanings. On that blog I will post unflattering pictures of myself that expose my mediocrity and aging body. Who wants to read that one?

Probably more people than I imagine.


Gadget said...

Ah, you gave me a big giggle with this one!

Hey, it's your blog, do with it as you like. And sure, set up a different blog to rant, rave, etc., and make sure to leave us all a link there too!

I just changed the style of my blog. Wanted more options and doo-dads, and had to leave my old layout behind. Gotten several complaints, but I'm working on the new format. We'll get there.

But enjoy your blogging, and enjoy it the way you see fit. Heck, I keep posting pictures of me climbing, and nobody wants to see that really! :)

tablefor4 said...

Your probably right. Gossip and train wrecks do draw a crowd. (wonder why that is.)
I love your blog!