Friday, April 06, 2007

Things to learn

We ate a late breakfast at Del Borrachos then went to town to get an oil change for the Tahoe. After the 'mechanic" emptied our oil he went inside to look for a filter and guess what? He had none for a 2007 model Tahoe. All we could do was tell him to put the old filter back on. Next time, we'll bring our own to Mexico. Later, we strolled the beach and then took our sunset walk on the deserted golf course. Right now as the course in under construction we feel free to use it as our personal park (kind of like we do at home with ours.) It really is a beautiful setting and when the remodel is finished will be a stunning golf course. I think Troon is involved with its design.

We are trying to understand the stars. The nights are so dark here that the stars shine extra brightly. You just can't help noticing the stars. I know so little about astronomy and now regret it. Robert adjusted our telescope to the skies and we got out the Night Sky guidebook but fumbled through it like it lost travelers trying to read a foreign map. Neither of us could make sense of anything. Now I'm doubting if what I previously thought was Orion's belt is instead the band on Leo's hat. Not really, there's no hats in constellation lore. Still, how frustrating. Yet another thing I want to learn--after the Rumba. I saw a couple dance the Rumba last year. They looked so cool I couldn't keep my eyes off them. I whispered to Robert, We will learn to dance like that! Now is the time since we are down the street from a former ballerina and dance instructor, Roberta, who I know would love to show us. I have visions of dancing the Rhumba on our terrace under the stars that we finally are able to name.

This is Semana Santa, the week of Easter, so everyone has the weekend off. Loreto Bay is like a ghost town. However the Inn is full of Mexicans (mostly from the mainland) here on vacation. Tomorrow, the beaches will be full of Mexicans camped out under make-shift shade structures. They will swim and picnic and enjoy the holiday.

We have no plans for Easter this year except an afternoon cruise on Mick and Joyce's Catamaran. A few neighbors like, Lynn and Sharon, and Janice, will join us as we start from Puerto Escondido. We'll bring food to have our own little Easter feast. Not sure how an Easter egg hunt would work on a boat, but we could give it a try, though Allie would be the only child there. We are really breaking with tradition, but it will be nice to recall later how we spent Easter on a beautiful boat on the Sea of Cortez.

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