Sunday, April 08, 2007

Riding the Rhumb Line

It's a day like today that makes living in Loreto Bay great. We gathered friends for a cruise on Mick and Joyce's 50 ft Catamaran. The day was a bit overcast when we took off at 4:00 pm from Puerto Escondido but by 6:00 the sun brightened the sky to make for a pretty sunset.

The Rhumb Line is a fabulous boat with a well-designed galley and beautiful kitchen. It is stocked with every amenity from flat screen televisions and a killer stereo system, plus all the navigation equipment and boat stuff that I know little about. Of course, Robert was in heaven. He spent most of his time chatting with Mick about the boat. Allison and her little friend, Liana, had great fun exploring the cabins and bunks. Of course, for me, the highlight was the dolphins that we encountered near Danzante Island. As usual, several of them rode the bow to our delight. We didn't see any whales, but it is late in the season for that.

We anchored for awhile on a calm spot near the island. Though it was a bit cold several people went swimming. Later in the season as it gets hotter snorkeling is the thing to do. Unfortunately, we plan to leave in a few days so we'll miss out on that. Everyone brought a dish so we had quite a picnic. Mick and Joyce provided the drinks; and at sunset the mimosas. Halfway through the cruise we all planning our next ride. "Does Thursday work for you?" I can hardly wait.

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