Sunday, April 15, 2007

Looking Ahead

Bags packed. Truck gassed. House locked. Friends kissed. Goodbye, Loreto Bay. I'll miss my friends, especially the Mexican moms. I learned that mothers are the same everywhere. We need each other. I enjoyed our weekly gatherings where we talked about the things women talk about, only here it's mostly in Spanish. There were days when that was a strain, but I always felt better for it. I'll also miss the Canadians. Prior to discovering Loreto Bay I'd never known any of my neighbors to the north. What fun I was missing because Canadians, I've decided, are the wittiest people on earth, and good sports who don't mind our American arrogance when we tease them about Canada.

We had a fun winter, but now we're ready to return to our home in the good old Midwest. We have 2300 hundred miles to travel. We hope to make it leisurely by making long stops for site-seeing. Robert insists on making the Baja trip in one day landing us in San Diego. We've done it before and it's not that bad. Once you are headed home on the Transpeninsular Highway you really want to get it over with as quickly as possible.

To those of you who like to read my posts about Baja and Loreto Bay I am sorry to no longer be a source of information as we don't plan to return for the rest of the year. There will be no more swimming with dolphins or cruising in catamarans. No goats on the highway or worms in the brown sugar. No bats in the house or cows on the boulevard. No riding in the back of pick-up trucks. No more fish tacos for breakfast. I'm looking forward to new stories in new places. You're welcome to come along--follow along in print, if you please. For awhile though, we will be home living our old normal life which I suppose might appear boring to some, but we manage. Besides, it won't be long before we cook up another stay tuned.

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