Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Nothing too interesting to report. The weather is perfect, but the construction around our house is wearing on me. Allison and I are ready to go home which we will do as soon as Robert returns from his quick trip back home. It will take awhile to get there since we are driving. Two days up the Baja then a couple more in San Diego to visit Sea World and the Zoo. Then the long trek across several states to get to our home.

My sister, Lorri, is here visiting. We try to keep her entertained. One day we went whale watching but ended up seeing more dolphins instead. Which is okay, because dolphins are awesome! They really are like big sea dogs, playful and curious. They like to ride on wake the front of the boat makes when it cuts through the water. We throw caution to the wind as we hang off the sides of the boat trying to see them just beneath the water's surface. Sighting whales is breath-taking, but encountering a school of fun-loving dolphins is the most fun. Of course, now Allie can say she's swam with dolphins thanks to our trip to Cabo Dolphins last week. She really surprised us with her fearlessness. She petted, kissed, and rode on the back and belly of a dolphin named, Ende. I have it all on videotape, though I had to hide my camera under a towel since photography and video recording were a no-no there.

After all that excitement things are especially slow and boring again. We generally spend time visiting the hotel pool and beach or playing tennis or just taking walks. I think we are ready to end this extra-long vacation and get back into the swim with everyone we left behind back home. We started this adventure in November 2005. That's a long time to be away from home. Although it's just Loreto, Mexico and not a world tour, it's been quite an adventure for us. It's as far and exotic as we could afford to serve up for ourselves. We've gotten a taste of living and managing in a foreign culture and I hope we see benefits from that in the future. I always tell myself that if nothing else besides a perfect Spanish dialect, Allison will have a profound appreciation for the things she has at home. When she enters 3rd grade in America this August, I imagine she could kiss the floor of the classroom. Hello, perfect little desks that don't tear up the back of your knees. Hello textbooks and reading stations and computer lab. Hello lunchroom and safe playground! She may be the happiest, most contented little girl in our home town.

I'm not sure what I will come away with. I haven't accomplished anything in particular (except maybe getting scuba diving certified.) I've approached everything with an open mind, letting whatever wants to come to me come. I've met incredibly interesting people and very simple people. And I've seen some wonderful sights. But what stands out most in my mind at this moment is this: I have never been so still. Never in my life have I operated at so slow a pace. I know I had the luxury to do so and that is a priviledge, but nevertheless, I have spent countless days lost in time, undirected, unfocused, unnoticed. There were many, many days I felt bored and under-utilitized, but I went along with that reality trying not to judge the value in it, trying not to put myself on a performance scale. I know I'm not accomplishing anything, but that's okay. It's only months in a lifetime. Who knows what purpose this time has--what it's preparing me for? And if the answer turns out to "nothing", that's okay too because it's been a heck of a peaceful time.

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