Thursday, March 08, 2007

Where's the breadman?

I haven't felt very inspired to write lately. The flu that Allie and I suffered from really knocked me off my feet. I spent several days in bed followed by several more just hiding out from the brutal winds. Finally, the weather has turned for the better and suddenly everything looks promising again.

San Lucas with a stop in This weekend we may take a road trip to Todos Santos to stay at the Hotel California. I really like the Pacific side south of Todos Santos. It has a similar feel to California with the large waves and great expanse of sea. Plus, the sun sets on the ocean which is a pretty sight. While we are in Cabo we hope to take a sunset cruise as well as visit the infamous Costco for supplies, though we don't need much since we plan to return home at the end of the month. I do need some good quality coffee since our supply recently ran out. Today I asked Robert to pick up some bread on his way home from dropping Allie off at school. He said there was not a loaf to be found anywhere in town. Seems like the Bimbo bread truck hadn't made it to Loreto lately. I'm thinking when in your life are you unable to find a loaf of white bread in your town? People just wouldn't believe it. My friend Sarah and I laugh about stuff like this because we know nobody else back home would believe it. So much we are used to at home is simply unavailable here or hard to find. So many things are rare and coveted. Today I was at Sarah's and saw a can of roasted almonds that Stuart must have brought on his last visit. I grabbed a handful like a thief because when will I see something so wonderful as that again? I scored a quart of half and half yesterday at Dali's and you'd have thought I'd won the lottery I was so thrilled. Now if I just had some Sumatra coffee blend to go with it.

My illness left me without an appetite for about a week. Now that I'm hungry again it's a bit of a challenge to find things that satisfy me. But yesterday I made a discovery that brightened me and my appetite considerably. It's a new establishment called Del Borrachos, which I think translates to of the drunks. I had blueberry pancakes with my friend, Carole. Then today Robert and I had lunch there: Split pea soup with a grilled chicken sandwich and cole slaw. It was the best thing I've tasted in months. I want to scream, Hallelujah! I think I can make it here another month.

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