Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Land's End

We drove to Cabo San Lucas and wasted half a day looking for a place to stay. We hadn't counted on the college kids on spring break taking all the affordable lodging. We tried further down the road to San Jose del Cabos where the lush resorts are and still had trouble. We weren't eager to pay over 400 dollars a night, so we headed back to the marina area in Cabo and settled in among the spring break crowd. I don't know what was worse, the music from the nearby bars or the consistent movement of young kids up and down the hall laughing and hollering by night, or the constant harassment from peddlers and tour promoters on the marina by day. But overall, the trip was fun.

The highlights were:
sunset cruise that took us around the arch at Land's End
Allison swimming with the dolphins at Cabo Dolphin
a Mexican folk dance performance near the beach
a quarter pounder with cheese at the local McDonalds

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