Thursday, March 30, 2006

The March of the Penguins great escape

I know I write a lot about animals, but I do have a six-year-old so they are a common subject for us. She watches a lot of Animal Planet, which I prefer over the other alternatives: Even with its sex and violence, it's just animals so it's acceptable viewing. However, I'm having second thoughts as my quotient for animal factoids is quite full and I'm having trouble feigning interest. If she's not insisting we pretend we're animals then she's chasing me down, breathlessly quoting newsflashes: "Mom, did you know that cheetahs...blah, blah, blah."


Allison: "Let's pretend we're penguins. You be the mama."

Me: (in a burst of inspiration, grab an apple off the counter and place it on my the platform I make with my feet and flapping my flippers say,) " Quick come get this egg, I have a lunch date in the Antartica."

Allison: (waddling to make the exchange) "I can't get it."

Me: "Yes, you can. Hurry. Don't drop our egg!"

Allison: (finally getting the "egg" on board) "I got it!"

Me: (waddling off and waving) "Good, Don't move, You stay here. I'll see you in three months."

Allison: "Auggghhh!"

Me: (run upstairs to blog)

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