Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Illegal Immigration

Ironic, that I am in Mexico diligently putting together the necessary items and money needed to attain my FM3 status while back home in America hundreds of thousands of people, mostly hispanic, are protesting immigration policy reform by marching through Los Angeles waving the Mexican flag, indignant that the U.S. wants to curtail illegal immigration.Those images of angry hispanics waving the flag of Mexico grated on me. Why? Because it felt like I was watching an invasion, not a protest.

Nobody wants to be accused of being racist so maybe we don't speak up enough. It's not that I don't want Mexicans to migrate to America, but there are irreversible consequences for unchecked immigration. Especially when it is another country's poor that we are allowing in in mass. We are importing poverty and California and Arizona, in particular, are suffering. Mexico's exportation of poverty and the fact that much money is sent back to Mexico by illegals can only further the sinking social and economic plight of Mexico.

I don't think we need immigration reform, just enforcement of the laws that already exist. Strengthen our borders, penalize U.S. businesses who hire illegals. I don't hire illegals to mow my grass or nanny my children, or (like Bill Clinton), chauffer my car. I'm not for exploiting their labor. If a head of lettuce will cost me more, so be it. Just put a lid on this runaway illegal immigration.

By ignoring the problem we are creating an even worse one--weakening our identity as a unified culture while creating a divided bi-cultural one. If immigrants don't come with the attitude of assimilating, if they refuse to to learn English or follow our laws, and then demand and intimidate citizens into changing our laws, then we are detroying what made America strong and prosperous and an oh, so desirable a place to live.

Read John O'Sullivan's editorial in the "Chicago Sun-Times" (March 28)
He states the argument for immigration enforcement very well.

Here, another good ed: Tony Blankley, "Washington Times," (March 29)

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