Monday, November 21, 2005

stirring up trouble

I couldn't stand it any longer: I had to see what was under all those bees. Each day the hive takes on a new shape which makes me question if it is really a hive or just thousands of bees one atop the other. It's the latter, I'll save you the suspense. I took the longest implement from the garage I could find, a duster. I figured that gave me about 8 feet to work with. I gave the bees a good poke and to my surprise half of them fell to the ground in a clump. Of course what followed was bee panic. They swarmed like crazy t0 reform their prior arrangement. What they are really doing under that tree I do not understand. I have some research to do.

Last night I saw a desert fox. It was between two buildings at the hotel which dead-end into a giant glass partition. I was on the other side of the glass when we spied each other. He, or she, was gray and quite long and lean with markings around the eyes that reminded me of a raccoon. It's tale was long and bushy.

The other evening we saw two night owls with white faces fighting over a kill. We saw one again the following night in the same location off the main boulevard. This time we stopped the car as close as possible to the owl which was perched on a road sign. We all looked at each other for a few moments until finally the bird had enough of us and flew away.

We have wasted the day around the pool and beach today. If you can call it wasting. Robert is thoroughly enjoying this break from work. He is not easily bored. I, however, have already offered my services to the Loreto Bay Company half-jokingly, "Is there anything at all I can help with?" Nellie found me later and told me she'd spoken to their main contractor and that I should go speak to him this week. If Robert and I had wagered on this he would have won--I didn't last one week before stirring up something.

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