Sunday, November 06, 2005

Something new and different

Surprise. We are in Mexico and planning to live here for several months. We are building a vacation home and even though it's months from completion we are here anyway. Robert's heart attack prompted the get-away. He has decided to take a long sabbatical from work. So we are here looking for a house to rent.

So far we are enjoying every minute. We're on the Sea of Cortez in basically a small fishing village. It is very primitive in many respects. Currently we are in a hotel which has the modern conveniences (internet connection!)

Allison is charmed by the novelty of the spanish language and seems very willing to learn. Already she is saying "buenos noches" and "gracias" every chance she gets. She swam in the pool with a Mexican girl who knew no english. They seemed to enjoy each other.

We purchased a laptop computer right before we left so we'd have a method to communicate with friends and family. But it's also become Allison's toy. She reminds us of her oldest brother watching her immersed in a game working to reach the next level. I tried to hold her back but there's no stopping them once they discover the fun in computer gaming. I did bring along some learning dvd's which she also uses. When we get settled we'd like to find someone to help care for her and teach her spanish. Or we may enroll her in the local private school. We'll see. Right now we're off to sleep--with the patio door open to the ocean.

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