Sunday, May 20, 2007

The littlest one

Since I just finished praising the men-folk of this family it is only fair to add a little applause for Allison who this month has endured more than her share of life's dramas. After months in a school in Mexico followed by a long, arduous drive home, we returned to deal with serious issues (Robert's dad dying and David's son killed.) Ryan returned home from college and the house filled with his friends again. Endless procession of family and friends into the house and late nights. Two funerals. Dead people, coffins, cemeteries. It's a wonder she hasn't had nightmares.

Since I married into a Scotch-Irish clan there is always drink and loudness and always a crazy aunt. She's the youngest in the clan, but we expect so much grown-up behavior from her. She's been malnourished and neglected in my distraction, living on Hostess Ho Hos and Zarda's BBQ. Her daddy did fulfill a promise to take her and her cousin, Skye, miniature golfing yesterday between his golfing with family in for the funeral and the evening get-together at our house in return for her help mulching the yard that morning.

Tomorrow is Monday, a new week, a new start. She begins horse-back riding lessons so that means shopping for cowboy boots and a helmet tomorrow.

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