Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Second Chances

Our solution for schooling Allison appears to be a success. She greets Manuel with a big smile and goes with him eagerly. He sits her at the very front of the classroom. This photo I snapped while she was with the fifth grade class. On the board the sentences in red marker pertain to the fifth graders, while the words in blue are specifically meant for Allison (although I think she already knows her Spanish numerals). Along with her specific lessons she joins along with whatever the rest of the class is studying. Overall, it's a workable solution.

My life evolves around Allison for now. As we settle in and Robert joins us I know I'll spread out a little. There is plenty to do once I make the commitment. I would like to help get a community center started in Loreto Bay. As more people move in there is a need for social organization. Also, Colegio Calafia could use a boost. My friend, Sarah, who's living here with her children wants us to put together a fundraiser. Then, there's always the idea of starting some kind of business here. All in good time. For now I'm happy meeting and chatting with people, overseeing repairs and maintenance to the house, and guiding Allison through this time of transition.

Every day we extend ourselves further into the community. It doesn't take to long to become familiar faces again. Here, people seem to long for friendship and connection. The couple who cared for Betsy come by daily to take her for walks on the beach. We've warmed up to each other quite a bit. Our "arrangement" feels like joint custody--Betsy being the beneficiary of lots of attention. Initially, Allison believed they were plotting to take her dog back. I had to assure her that they had Betsy's best interests at heart and we should give them a chance to be our friends even though we felt they weren't happy at first to see us reclaim our dog. But, now I see this couple as very sweet. We may end up good friends.

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