Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Life without the "A" key

I have a missing "a" key on this cheap lptop I brought to Loreto Bay. And since I HAVE NO INTERNET hookup in my casa I am writing my the hotel pool where the only light to see the keyboard is the illumination of its screen. Why bother I wonder? Mybe because I need to maintain some measure of a routine since once agin I've turned my life upside down. It would help if Robert had come with us but he won't be here for another two weeks.

Our casa needed mucho TLC. I'm gld I packed a garden hose so I could wash it down. Some furniture split from the heat or humidity. There are other matters to tend to, one being getting Allison enrolled for school which she is loathe to do. Suddenly I am the world's worst mother to her. Unpleasantness seems to be the order of the day. When we went to pick up our dog from neighbors who were caring for her we were met with a cold reception. Obviously, we're unfit owners having left our dog for so long. Originally, we planned to return to Loreto in six weeks, but couldn't. The couple we left her with were very kind to tke her and when we told them of our delay they gently insisted we give them custody of the dog. But, eventually, they had to leave and passed Betsy on to this couple in December. The understnding was that we were coming back for her.

The new dog-sitters really, really liked our Betsy and probably felt like doggie saviors rescuing this purebred from her poor fate. I guess they resented our reclaiming her and my goodie thank-you bag didn't suffice. I don't blame them, but it is Allie's dog and she had no say in the matter except that she begged me to get Betsy Mayflower bck, boo-hoo hoo, and being a good mother I promised to do so. SO on our first day reunited with our dog, she gets out and runs away. Someone returns her to the couple. Allie goes to get her and gets a scolding for being irresponsible. Cries to me. Okay so we have neighbors who don't like us. Beinvenidos.

I had to endure Allie's dramatics over hating Mexicn school and thought we've jumped a hurdle when I took her to sign up and all her old friends ran to greet her. Alex-son, Alex-son! But, tonight, on the eve of her first day she is moaning and making my life miserable with all the arsenal that a precocious 7 year old girl can muster. No mtter that every adult who hears her complaints expresses the same sentiment: "Oh, Allison, one day you will look back on this experience with so much gratitude. You'll know Spnish and that is a very valuable skill."

This is bout all I cn write now under this conditions. I must trudge bck to our casa and put my abused daughter to bed. Did I mention we had no electricity for the first two days? (We hadn't mde arrangements with property management..irresponsible,again.)

I am suddenly filled wth the conviction tht once I have my "a" key bck harmony will be restored to my life.

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