Monday, April 17, 2006

Elephant Parade

On the way home last evening we saw that a big circus tent had been raised at the town park. If it was the same sorry outfit we saw on the way back from Constitution months ago I was not interested. Those animals looked miserable tied down in the dirt. I'm certain this group would have a list of infractions so long as to land them in jail back home. But Robert said the animals looked well-fed and Allison said, "Please let us stop and see them!"

Truth is I'd already seen them. Saturday, when I was in town at Norma's beauty shop. I happened to glance out the windows to see what I thought was an elephant walking down the street. I did a double-take and it indeed was an elephant, followed by camels, horses and a monkey, all parading down the main street. Only in Loreto!

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