Sunday, April 23, 2006

Creepy critters

Eeeeeeek! Not a mouse, but a gecko! Crawling on the wall. Inside my house. Late at night. Everyone's asleep but me.

I was online. The door outside the library to the terrace suddenly creaked loudly as though someone was entering. I sat frozen. Nothing human could scale the fortress-like wall outside. Had to be a mysterious gust of wind, I reasoned. Then the creepy, late-at-night, where-is-everybody-else? feeling took hold.

Soooo, maybe I'll just head downstairs for bed. I saw it. Attached to the wall on the stairwell. Almost the color of bloodless flesh. Little black eyes. Creepy and grippy. Is that what made that noise with the door? Are house geckos really giant monsters that shrink when spotted? Just like the other night when some phantom thing went rustling in Betsy's dog bowl. It sounded very large. Marta guessed it was a gecko.

So now I've seen one. Wish I hadn't.

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