Thursday, October 20, 2011

In case you're interested....

Obviously, I have ceased posting on this blog. Our travel adventures are not as grand now that our daughter is in middle school and loathe to leave the stability of her "normal" life. I too, am busy at work, running our office, while Robert oversees the general operations. Both our sons work in the business as well, so it is quite wonderful to me to have us all together. We get to Loreto only at Christmas these days, and our Airstream adventures are limited to summers. We actually pulled straight into New York City on Independence Day, parked our Airstream in a lot at Liberty Harbor, and watched fireworks from the Hudson River with a couple that invited us on their boat. That's a great story. I should have written about it, but I don't know how to pick back up on blogging now that I've abandoned it.

I have a new venture now that I am planted here in the midwest again. For the past two years I have studied photography--even spending a summer in Montana at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. I'm concentrating on portraiture, though I love all types of photography.

My business is named, "YES Photography. You can see my work at
Someday I will pick back up on writing, for now I'll just capture life as I see it here at home.

thanks to all who have followed me.
see some of you in Loreto.

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