Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baja is for the Birds

I've recruited our new friend, Tom, to share his expertise in birds with Allison and add something of interest to her schoolwork. God knows, I'm not a good teacher, but I can sure scout out talent in others. Once I discovered Tom's passion for birdwatching, I was after him to share it with her. First, I arranged for she and one of her friends to follow him on a nature walk around the lake of the golf course. We followed a week later with trip to the Las Garzas estuary in Loreto. This time Robert and a neighbor joined us as Tom led us through the damp mudflats pointing out royal terns and reddish egrets, semi-palmated plovers and yellow-crowned night herons. I couldn't remember the names of any of them, and I'm not sure anyone else could; it takes practice I think. Tom has a website that comes in handy for identifying Baja's fowl:

I believe this little guy is a snowy egret, but then I could be wrong. Tom will let me know, I'm sure.

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