Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Putting it to rest

Now that we are settled back home I will not be posting for awhile. I can't see why anyone would be too interested in our day-to-day activities now that we are not Airstreaming nor hanging our in Loreto. As far as living in Baja California, we are not planning any more long stays. Allison is enrolled in school here in our home town. It's time to settle down a bit after four years "on the road."

We are planning another foray on the road next summer. We would like to take our Airstream on an eastern route, maybe through the Appalachian mountains and up the eastern coast into Canada. I'll want to journal our travels so I expect I'll start blogging again. But till, then I'm going underground. I'm happy to be home among old friends and my grown sons.


Tony said...

Kelli - we'll miss you all in Loreto! Tony was looking forward to golfing with Robert, our granddaughters were looking forward to seeing Allison again, and most of all, my dad in San Jose will miss your great postings! Have a wonderful year and let us know when you will be down in the baja again.

Anne & Tony

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