Sunday, January 13, 2008

Where have I been?

I don't think I'll be posting for awhile. Our travel plans are at a standstill while Robert takes care of health issues (his heart.) He's pursuing a treatment that may keep us stationary for several weeks, maybe two months, so trolling around in our Airstream will have to wait. And travel to our house in Loreto Bay is out as well. So, my blog theme of travel has hit a bump in the road. Maybe I need to shift the theme to heart care issues.

We'll see. But for now I can't focus too well on much else. Check back with me sometime later. And wish Robert good luck. If you remember it was his heart attack in 2005 that prompted all this travel. I don't think he's lost the desire for it, but for now it has to wait.

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Sean & Kristy said...

Kelli, I've enjoyed your blogging. You guys have definitely lived the spirit of "carpe diem" over the past year. Best wishes to Robert with his heart treatment, and I'll look forward to following your ongoing journey.

Hey, even if you can't travel far, you might consider camping near your hometown. We've done it before (at a local state park) and it's surprisingly fun!

Cheers, Sean