Sunday, February 04, 2007

Make mine pink

I've been pretty-ing up the place. Gustavo brought over a lot of pots and a rustic bench. He had his handy man install our outdoor shades on the pergola outside our bedroom. Now I need plants to fill all those pots.

Our terrace is extra large due to the commercial space attached to us below. We also have a viewing tower. Overall, we have a great space for entertaining. We overlook the Paseo with the mountains behind, and are connected to only one other home so there's a real openess to our patio. I'm trying to get it ready for the parties I envision us having when Robert finally gets here, which hopefully, is Valentine's Day. Yes, I'm seeing a party for that day...maybe a sweethearts dance? No, better not emphasize sweethearts, since 90 percent of the people we see here are separated from their significant others either through work or vacation. Better not encourage hook-ups. However, we could go with the usual, generic "who-needs-a-reason?" party. Roch's little brother could sing and play guitar. I could make the Margaritas pink.

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