Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mountain majesty

I haven't written lately mostly due to the agonizingly slow speed of the dial-up internet connection we have here. I think at one time that was all that was available, but surely there's better now. I've been busy getting Allison adjusted to second grade (so far, so good) and getting us moved in--oh and hiking every morning with Sara. After five mornings on Lily Pad Trail we tackled Mohawk Lakes which is 12,000 feet high and takes about three hours. Taylor left for home Wednesday. Sara left yesterday, so Allison and I are on our own until Robert arrives this Friday.

The contrast of the Rocky Mountains to Baja California is so great. Yesterday was overcast and rainy; this morning there was snow on the very tops of the tallest mountains. The view from our townhouse is incredible. I could sit and stare for hours. Robert wants to live on the ocean. I prefer the mountains for their majesty.

Oh, the sun just started peeking out highlighting the changing golden aspens. I need to grab Allison to hike Lily Pad with me. She's my only buddy left. Oh. No, she says. Hiking's not her thing. Can we go paint pottery? No, I say. Let's save the indoor stuff for when it gets too cold. Right now there is too much outdoor beauty to take in. I'd post a photo but the slowness of the internet won't allow the upload.

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